Comparing DIY and Professional Installation of Home Security Systems

A big factor in choosing the best home security system that fits your needs is the mode of installation. You can either have it professionally installed or you can set it up on your own. Typically, DIY installation is less expensive in the long-run. On the other hand, professional installation is simpler. Below are some considerations when deciding over which installation to choose.

Professional Installation

Getting professional help with your security system means there’s less work for you. The entire process might be too physically burdensome and you simply can’t spare the effort or the time so finding a security system with professional installation is logical. All you have to do is free up a schedule to accommodate and supervise the process.
Aside from ease, you will also benefit greatly from the expertise of the installation system.

You will be assured that the tried and tested formula of the brand you choose will be integrated easily and effectively to your needs. You can also learn to understand the system first-hand by asking common problems that other clients encounter by interacting with the professional so you can understand the system better and use it properly.

Additionally, you can hold the professionals accountable if some problems come up. Although an advantage of having your security set up by the brand’s technicians is not having to worry if it’s done correctly, that added assurance that you can go after someone if something goes wrong is better.

These benefits do come at the cost of less control over the process and the added installation fees. Since you are handing over the responsibility of setting up the system to technicians, you have less opportunity to customize some features as they will prioritize their brand standards’ quality. Regarding pricing, although paying installation fees sometimes do come with incentives in the form of package upgrades and extra equipment, these promotions are subject to availability. So, you might consider DIY packages if these are too costly for you or if you can’t fit in a schedule to accommodate security system professionals.

Some companies do offer free installations for some of their packages such as ADT, Vivint, XFINITY, Smith Monitoring, and AlarmForce.

DIY Installation

If you don’t want to pay steep installation fees, you might want to consider DIY installation. This doesn’t mean that you have to tire yourself out the way professional installers do with their brand as DIY systems are made so that you would be able to set it up yourself. In other words, it’s easy to do. These packages also transfer the ownership of the equipment to you so if you need to move out, you can bring them with you. A major reason for choosing this method is the freedom to customize the system how you want it when you want to.

Another convenience of this option is that you also don’t have to free up schedule to wait for installers. Some find professional installation a bit invasive. With a DIY package, you don’t need to worry about making your place presentable to other people. Get expert DIY installation reviews by Gadget Review.

Having said that, there are disadvantages to this method as well. Although there is minimal labor for this setup, you might have to spend some time talking with customer service for direction or for some clarifications if you find the system more complicated than expected. You will have to work out some kinks.
DIY systems brands also don’t provide professional guidance when it comes to walking you through and showing you the features of the technology. You have to research and learn about it from their manual and through other resources.

In terms of cost, you might have to pay more for equipment compared to professional installation. Moreover, you may not qualify for some warranties if your setup does not meet the standards of the brand.

Some companies that offer DIY installations are FrontPoint, SimpliSafe, Protect America, and Scout.