Comparisons: SimpliSafe vs. ADT

Comparisons: SimpliSafe vs. ADT

Two of the more popular home security systems in the market are SimpliSafe and ADT. As such, they are often compared to each other. ADT, with its 100 years of repute, is the largest among home security providers out there. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, is a newcomer that has easily made a good standing in the security industry. Beyond their foundations are key preferential differences that could help in choosing between the two.


As a legally binding agreement, contracts would serve as a good starting point of comparison. ADT is viewed as a traditional company and has even earned the prestige of being a standard in the industry. The standard being the offer of a low installation and equipment fee at the cost of locking you into their long-term contract of 36 months.

This was a common practice until SimpliSafe. They don’t demand you to commit to a lock-up contract. Once you pay for your equipment upfront and in full, you need only pay for the monthly fees for each month that you subscribe to their monitoring option without any extra or hidden charges.


The policies for installation of their systems are similarly complete opposites. All ADT packages integrate professional installation service with their corresponding activation or installation fees. Professional installation will be done by their technicians where you have to free up a desired schedule for the setup. The expertise of the installers is an invaluable benefit as they could help you understand the system and its features but they might limit your opinions regarding how to set up the equipment as they will have to adhere with some guidelines and standards. In contrast, SimpliSafe offers DIY or Do It Yourself installation where they ship to their clients the entirety of the system for self-installation. Aside from saving from the cost of installation fees, this option also gives you the freedom and flexibility to work on setting up the system when you want to without a predefined schedule as well as to customize the system depending on your needs. However, you may have to master the system and the rest of the features through researching on relevant literature beyond what is presented in the manual they provide. To find out more about ADT reviews, visit


You can choose either Landline monitoring which comes at a lower cost in their Basic package or Cellular monitoring either under their CellGuard or ADT Pulse package. Cellular monitoring is more expensive as it is considered the more secure option as it is less prone to tampering compared with Landline monitoring which has an innate disadvantage of external physical cables. The monitoring option for ADT is decided on before you enter the contract during the purchase.

As there are no contracts with SimpliSafe, you can choose not to have a monitoring feature or select a monitoring option and opt out of it anytime. These come in three packages namely Standard, Alert, and Interactive with the succeeding options having all the offerings of the previous ones plus an added feature. The Standard package offers 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring wherein the central monitoring station will be prompted through the system’s cellular technology. The Alert package offers additional SMS/Email Alerts that send personalized SMS arming and disarming notifications as well as alarm alerts to you from your system. Finally, the Interactive package offers an extra feature with its Security Control option wherein you are able to remotely arm the system, monitor event logs, and track temperature via their home automation services.


Packages are constantly updated so looking them up on their official websites is recommended. However, it is notable that SimpliSafe displays the cost of customizable equipment on its website whereas you have to phone ADT to inquire about the same.