Imperative Tips On How To Enhance Home Security When On Vacation

Imperative Tips On How To Enhance Home Security When On Vacation

Despite the fact that summer is always a great time to go for vacations, it is also a time when break-ins and burglary cases are always on the rise. According to a research, which was conducted by Jacksonville State University, the most popular months in a year, when burglaries and break-ins are at peak are the months of July and August and the most popular time when these break-ins take place is normally between 10.00 A.M in the morning to 3 P.M in the evening. Apart from posing as door-to-door representatives, burglars may employ several other techniques. Some of these techniques include posing as repairpersons and missionaries as well. Many at times, the burglars may want to break-in as quickly as possible into your house, find something that is of value to steal and then get out of the property as quickly as they can. Burglars may not want to be noticed and many at times will always give up on a house that is burglar resistant. With that said, here are five things that one can do to ensure that his or her home is burglar and resistant, hence becoming one that burglars will ditch easily.

Ensure the Outside of Your Home is Unfriendly to Burglars

The first thing that you should do as a homeowner is to ensure that your entryways are properly lit and all the trees and shrubs within your property are properly trimmed. By trimming the trees and shrubs within your property, you are going to ensure that there is no hiding place for the burglars, thus improving your home security. Ensure that tools and ladders are always locked up, so that burglars will not use them to access your premise. Finally, you should always ensure that your mailbox is properly locked, so that your name and any other sensitive information stays hidden from the public.

Make the Entry Doors, Patio Doors and Windows a Harder Target 

One of the best ways to prevent burglars from accessing your home is by making the entry doors, patio doors and windows a harder target. Entry doors, patio doors and windows can be coated with impact film resistant, which will in turn ensure that your family and valuables are safe at all times. By upgrading entry doors as well as their frames to much harder materials, such as the use of high quality hardware such as 360 degree peep hole. Your garage should also get some attention including a change of the garage door opener code and lights that are triggered by motion sensor.

Secure your Valuables 

Ensure your valuables including electronics are etched with identifying information. Furthermore, you should also ensure that all your electronics can be unlocked by a pin number. Hide your important papers and documents such as passports, birth certificates and identification documents in places where they cannot be easily found. A good example is wrapping your gold necklace and earrings in a plastic bag, and then place them in a floor canister. Always ensure that your valuables are hidden in places where they cannot be easily found.

Install Security Cameras

Home owners should purchase an out of the box security cameras or alternatively hide camera’s in places where burglars are never going to look. By doing this, the homeowner can make it exceedingly easy for the local police to easily identity the perpetrators. Security cameras also tend to discourage burglars, since they are afraid of being easily identified, thus enhancing your home security.

Limit What You Share on Social Media

In an era when social media is part of our day-to-day lives, it is exceedingly important to limit what you share especially when you are going on vacation, as well as the duration that you will be away. Informing the general public that you will be away, is like inviting burglars to your property. You should schedule posts in such a manner that they will look like you are going on with your day-to-day activities. After you are done with your vacation, you can now share with your friends and followers on social media, just how great your vacation was.

With that said, by ensuring that your property is properly lit, shrubs and trees properly trimmed, and by securing your valuables, you will be able to have a trip that is not only peaceful but one that you will truly enjoy.