Some of the Best Home Security Systems to Consider

Some of the Best Home Security Systems to Consider

Danger is the possibility of something unpleasant happening to one’s environment. The hope of coming back to your home or business safe from any danger or theft is not a strategy. Most people overlook the need for appropriate safety measures leading to devastating financial and emotional trauma. A security system is one great idea that can cushion you from danger or theft. It provides a sense of relief and assurance that the people, belongings or data within the premises will remain safe as long as the system is fully functional.

There are a wide variety of security systems available but the best security system is one that best suits your home or business and your lifestyle. Let’s have a look at the ‘Best Home Security Systemsof 2017’.

1. FrontPoint

Frointpoint’s total home security system is an integrated system which totally automates your home security. It has intruder sensors with alarms at all the doors or sensitive places which alerts you or the police patrol in case of an intrusion. These sensors will help you keeping away your kids from fire, gun and other dangerous things. The system comes with security cameras with wireless and connected to internet with an IP address. You can monitor your home and premises remotely from your smartphone through FrontPoint Mobile Application. You don’t have to continuously monitor it.

When there is an intrusion or motion detected, the system will alert you through an SMS or email so that you can take immediate action. Frontpoint provide you a total home management solution including automated lights, thermostats, and door locks. You can control the devices from anywhere through your mobile app. You don’t have to rush home to hand over the key if your wife arrives home early and the key is with you. Send her the new access code to open the door. Frontpoint equipment comes with a ‘DIY’ kit which anyone can easily install and configure through an amazing touch screen control panel. Warranty for FrontPoint system is 3 years.

2. ADT

ADT security system comes with a great battery backup which guarantees an uninterrupted monitoring system even if the burglars cut your electric lines from outside, or power gone due to some natural calamities. ADT has a customized solution for every home according to their budget. It provides a smartphone application to control your security devices and home appliances remotely.

Their representative will visit your home and install the system in a single visit. ADT systems are easily portable. Their customer support and help is amazing as they even fix the service appointment on the same day. The warranty for ADT Security System comes with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services.

3. Link Interactive

Link Interactive comes with 2 way voice-enabled door entry systems, security cameras for your indoor and outdoor surveilance, intruder sensors at the door and window, motion detectors as well as glass-break detectors, fire alarms, Lightning controls, smoke and CO detectors, thermostats, door locks, Garage door controls, and disaster sensors.

The system is wireless which can be controlled through a mobile app, enabled with real time SMS and emails. You can control your home appliances remotely. Link Interactive offers a customizable solution for your home security. They even offer takeovers and allow you to use some of your old equipment which saves a lot of money. They also provide a great customer service with phone, email, and chat support.

4. Protect America

The great advantage of Protect America is the Package variety they offer. They have 5 plans to choose based on your needs and budget. Another attraction is that the equipment can be connected to a landline, mobile or a broadband. Vehicle tracking System is another great feature distinguishes Protect America from their competitors. You can track the location of the vehicle, monitor the speed of your vehicle especially when the child driving the car.

It also provide all the normal home security and automation features like security cameras, arming and disarming the security systems, controlling the garage door, security alerts and notifications, live video streaming, door unlocking, light controls etc. Though not all the 5 systems come with mobile enabled feature Protect America offers some other fantastic features like a lifetime warranty, low upfront cost, lock in rates, and no installation fee.

5. Vivint

Vivint home security comes with almost all features including 24/7 monitoring, Security cameras, Centralized control panel, Smart locks, home automation, Vivint Smart Home mobile App, CO detection and flood sensors, Window and door sensors, instant notification as well as emails and alerts. Vivint home automation comes with features like a Sky Control Panel where all the systems are tied to, Kwikset Smart Locks, Doorbell camera, Garage door control, element thermostat, Echo or Nest integration.

Though Vivint systems are comparatively high in cost they have flexible financing options and monthly payments. Vivint has great Energy management solutions. They have solar panel installations. Vivint equipment is designed with state of the art sleek designs.

Though DIY kits are not provided, they provide professional installations with experts and great customer care.

All the Home Security Systems mentioned above are great products and each of them have their own advantages. FrontPoint products offer a DIY feature which reduce your installation cost. In terms of the monitoring experience ADT stands high among the others. Link Interactive offersthe best entry level package. IF you are concerned about the cost then Protect America is your best choice. But finally if you are more interested in home automation rather than security Vivint offers the best automation system.