Home security is a crucial concern for every homeowner. Everyone wants to be safe and it starts with having in place the right home security systems. Technological advancements have made available newer, better ways to ensure home security. However, older technologies are still useful. Companies strive to ensure they attend to the ever-changing security needs of their customers.

Now, there are three home security systems to choose from wired, wireless and hybrid. In order to decide which type of system to install, look at your home and decide what you would prefer. Here is more insight into the three types of systems to select from.


This is an older technology. It is a great option if installed before a home is complete. This way, experts will not have to crack your walls later to fix the wired system.

If you decide to install wired security system in a home that is already finished, expect to incur more costs. You will also be forced to repair and repaint the affected areas so your home can have its initial look.

However, a wired system comes with several advantages. One, it is connected to your home power source, meaning it does not use alternative energy sources such as batteries. Besides, the system never experiences signal related problems.

Installing wired systems takes time considering the fact that professionals will be creating space for wires on surfaces already complete. Besides, accessing some parts of the home may be hard. You need to be patient with the installation team.

If you feel that wire systems cannot work for your already finished home, or you just do not like them, then go for wireless home security option.


This type helps solve problems that come with the wired system. There is nothing to do with cracking or drilling your walls to install wires and sensors. That is why a good number of homeowners prefer wireless home security system.

All you need is sensors, a control panel and the security devices, no wiring. The three components work through radio signals. Such a simple installation procedure makes wireless home security a suitable option for many homeowners. Besides, it is a current technology.

Now, the problem with a radio signal is it being weak and interrupted by other gadgets in your home. A weak signal can be caused by a simple factor such as your house being big. This will require you to install repeaters to ensure radio signals are properly relayed across all devices in your wireless home security system.

However, this system has several merits including the fact that it is fast and easy to install. You will not need to repaint or repair anything. The radio does not in any way interfere with your Wi-Fi network because the two run separately. You can always access the system even when you are away from home. This way, you have an eye on your property from wherever you are. With a wired system, you have to be home to use it.

You should know that wireless home security devices use batteries, which get used up over time. You will need to replace them after a while. If a battery dies, nothing in the system will work. Therefore, always check how long the battery can last when you buy it. Besides, invest in wireless systems that send you alerts when the batteries are running low.


If you are unable to decide between wired and wireless home security, do not worry. There is a solution and it is installing a hybrid security system. This type allows you use wired and wireless systems at the same time. Therefore, if there are features you like about both systems, you can install both of them to your own advantage. This means that the two complement each other. Wired’s weakness is taken care of by wireless’ strengths and vice versa.

Regardless of the shortcomings in any given home security system, each one of them works towards one goal, which is protecting your home and you. Just because a wired system takes time to install does not make it any bad. A wireless system having signal and battery issues does not mean it is terrible altogether. The strengths of any system definitely outweigh the weaknesses. Be sure that your home is safer with any of the three security options: wired, wireless and hybrid.